Serves 5 to 8 Individuals


 No Preservatives

Award-Winning Recipe

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Roasted turkey is the quintessential to any Christmas feast for good reason! Bite into crisp, crackling skin roasted to perfection and savour the juicy tenderness of the turkey meat inside. Nobody does it quite like us! Seasoned with fragrant rosemary and stuffed with chestnut to bring out that depth of flavour, our roasted turkey is guaranteed to be a hit!

Are our roast turkeys and other meats delivered hot or chilled?

If you wish for our turkeys to be delivered to you warm, please select ‘yes’ in the ‘Preheat’ dropdown below. Should you select no, we will deliver your turkey cooked and chilled. All other meats and dishes that can easily fit in an ordinary microwave will be delivered cooked and chilled. We offer this preheating service for our cooked turkeys because not many homes have a microwave or convectional oven that can fit our huge turkeys!

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