Best Christmas Trees in Singapore

Christmas is just around the corner and you will be decorating your home soon. Before you go shopping, it would be helpful to know where you can get the best Christmas trees in Singapore and places with great Christmas decors to inspire you to decorate.

Here are some recommendations where you can buy the best Christmas trees in Singapore:

1. Mason Home Decor

Image Credit: Mason Home Décor

Mason Home Décor tops the list of the best Christmas tree stores in Singapore as it has been voted #1 by the press every year. They are the biggest Christmas Tree store in Singapore. They have an insane variety of Christmas trees and ornaments in Singapore with over 1000 products. Their hyper-realistic trees can turn any room into an enchanting landscape filled with lights.

Mason Home Décor is well-known for creating the most realistic, hyper natural Christmas trees in Singapore. It ensures that their structures can withstand greater loads than an ordinary artificial tree. With their FirTECT™ technology, there is no risk of it falling over due to its stability and strength. And because Mason uses only high-quality materials like digital printing on leaves, which gives off shades similar to how they would appear during different times of year or lighting conditions – you’ll never have seen anything quite like these before.

Mason Christmas Trees Singapore is definitely one of the best holiday decoration stores in Singapore this year. They have an impressive array of Christmas lights, accessories, decorations, and ornaments. 

If you want something specific, such as “Christmas trees with blue Christmas balls Singapore” or even “Christmas trees with pink Christmas balls Singapore.”, definitely check out Mason Home Décor for the ultimate plethora of Christmas trees to brighten up your Christmas!

Delivery options: Free same-day islandwide delivery, self-collection at 5 Pereira Road, #04-01, Singapore 368025
Mason Home Décor Website

2. Pine Concept

Pine Concept is a Christmas Tree Singapore specialist. Whether you’re looking for an extra-large Christmas tree or a White Christmas tree in Singapore, they have them all. They offer premium trees, space-saving trees, wallet-friendly trees, white Christmas trees, Christmas tree bundles, ornaments, and decorations.  

Unlike those fake trees that are usually disposed of after just one season, Pine’s Concept artificial Christmas Trees will last you for many Christmases. They have immensely dense and affordable Christmas trees with a 10-year warranty.

3. IKEA Singapore

IKEA Singapore offers Christmas trees in Singapore that are Scandinavian-inspired. They also have Christmas tree stands and wreaths for sale if you want to get one at the same time. IKEA is not just about Christmas trees, but also Christmas decorations like garlands, bags of Christmas balls, Christmas candles and Christmas lights. They are the store to go to if you are looking for holiday decors to match your minimalist home.

4. Lazada Singapore

Lazada has green and white Christmas trees in Singapore for every budget.  They have Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, Christmas balls and Christmas trees for sale. Their prices are very affordable, so everyone can get to deck their homes with Christmas trees this holiday season.

Lazada Singapore has some of the best Christmas trees in Singapore you will find online. If you are looking for something very specific or unique you should look at other options as well to see whether they have what you’re looking for. Make sure that if it is synthetic, that it is made from real materials like PE or PVC material, which makes them safe around pets and children too. This will ensure your safety while also making your house smell like a fresh forest during Christmas time. 

Also, make sure to check if they sell Christmas tree stands, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights together. This will save you the trouble of having to place your Christmas trees in Singapore on top of your furniture or up against a wall where they can’t be seen. This is especially useful for Christmas trees in Singapore that are slim and long.

5. Christmas Tree Singapore

Christmas Tree Singapore sells all kinds of Christmas trees that cater to every household.  They have been featured on Zula, AspirantSG, Asia One, and SMU.

Do you want to buy a simply decorated Christmas Tree? Christmas Tree Singapore has the right tree for your needs. If space is an issue, they have slimmed down trees with only minimal decorations that fit perfectly in small homes or apartments. If you want something impressive and majestic without breaking your bank account, you should look at their value bundles. They also sell Christmas lights, tree toppers, baubles, wreaths, and garlands.

6. Prince’s Landscape

Prince’s Landscape sells live Christmas trees made of premium noble fir. Their service includes free setup, dismantling, disposal and a loan tree stand.

Prince’s Nursery has 50 years experience in the industry and they started out humbly as a flower shop. Today, their nurseries provide landscape design services for both public spaces like parks or gardens but also private compounds such as homes with large yards that need landscaping treatments because what’s more relaxing than having your own little slice of paradise?

With almost 400 professionals on staff including horticulturists, designers, engineers; florists and support staff there is no letdown when you go looking around at all these talented people who work so hard 24/7 just so we can live our lives happily indoors while surrounded by greenery.

7. Far East Flora

With their deep bluish-green needles, Noble Firs are a popular variety of Christmas trees that can withstand Singapore’s hot and humid climate. They’re loved for their sturdy branches which hold heavier ornaments without bending under pressure. Far East Flora brings you the freshest noble fir Christmas tree Singapore and high-quality Europe noble fir Christmas tree.

Christmas trees in Singapore and Christmas tree stands are the best holiday decorations you can give your home. You can check out these websites and see which one has what you’re looking for.

It is important to make sure the Artificial Christmas Trees come from high-quality materials so they will be safe around pets and children as well as look authentic. It would also be good to buy from stores that also sell Christmas lights because this will save time, effort, space and money!

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