What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You

Do you know that your favorite Thanksgiving dish can reveal your hidden personality? The first food you reach for at the dinner or buffet table is calling your attention not only because it is your comfort food but because it is connected to your psyche and hidden personality.

Here’s a list of the staple foods in Thanksgiving and what they say about you:


Turkey is the ultimate dish that cannot be absent from the dinner table during celebrations. If the sight and taste of turkey give you gastronomic pleasure, getting the most flavourful and succulent from Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen turkey food delivery is a smart choice. 

If you love turkey, you love attention. You are the kind of person with a great presence and can make others jealous of your natural charm. You always have great stories to tell and knowledge to impart. The white meat of turkey also represents simplicity and the basics in life. It means that underneath the grand exterior is tenderness and secret insecurities that take over when the novelty wears off.


Potato lovers are easy-going people, love the classics, and are traditionalists. You value simple things. Others may see you as boring, but you would rather be loyal to what is tried and tested instead of chasing new things. You are okay to be part of the group and wait for others to notice how amazingly good you are. If you’re the host of the party, you work hard to make everything perfect and ready to attend to everyone’s needs. You are the glue that binds everyone with your charm and caring nature. For your Christmas turkey Singapore delivery of yummy side dishes, don’t forget Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen Potato Wedges or the creamylicious Potato Salad.


Pies are the perfect dessert after the main courses. For your Thanksgiving and Christmas food delivery, get it from Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen. Its Shepherd’s Pie, which is made of mashed potato, organic greens, and ground beef, is the best pie in Singapore. Pie lovers are considered “overly nice people”. You always have a warm smile on your face and are extremely patient. You are outgoing and enjoy the sweeter side of life. And just like the time spent making a perfect pie, you are willing to wait for the right time to get the fruits of your hard work. You can also be the loudest at the dinner table.

Cranberry Sauce

Among the Thanksgiving feast foods, Cranberry Sauce is the most untouched. Cranberry lovers are old souls who love vintage pieces and styles. You are also a problem solver. Just like the cranberry sauce, you have the right amount of sweetness to balance any situation in your life. You are typically sweet but can be feisty when needed. For an award-winning Cranberry Sauce, get it from Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen turkey delivery Singapore. Don’t forget to include the Black Pepper Sauce and Gourmet Mushroom Sauce for added variety. 


Gravy makes roasts more flavourful. If you love it, you are an adventurous, courageous person. You are also bold, fashionable, and love to make a statement. Just like the proverbial gravy in every dining table, every douse you make improves the taste of meat. Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen Red Wine Gravy goes excellently with the red meats. It is the perfect partner for the Ribeye Roast beef, Roasted Pork Knuckle, and Roasted Leg of Lamb, two premium dishes that you should not miss out on having in your Thanksgiving dinner. 


Pasta  is another Thanksgiving favorite dish. Whether it is a mac and cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, or carbonara, your grand celebration is not complete without it. Adding Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen Beef Lasagna with homemade sauce, Spaghetti Bolognese, or Premium Angel Hair Pasta with Hokkaido Scallops to your list of Christmas delivery Singapore is a palate-licious decision. Pasta loves are the “untraditional ones” who will do whatever they want and don’t care what others think. You know what you want in life and are willing to face what’s ahead of you. 

Green Beans/Brussels Sprouts Casserole

If you love vegetables when they are all together in a dish, this can be your choice. You are the type of person who hugs people to welcome them into your home and dinner table. Your personality is warm and friendly but tends to overthink a lot. This is because you are a worrier and obsessed about everything, especially how people think.


If you like corn with or without butter, you like simple food. You have a calm demeanour and tend to display a relaxed attitude during stressful circumstances. It’s not because you don’t care but because you do not want to be burdened by worrying thoughts. Corn lovers also enjoy working and getting well-deserved rewards. Add corn in your Christmas turkey Singapore delivery must-have. 

Dinner Rolls

Those who love dinner rolls are considered the most compassionate because, among the array of festive dishes, only a few give your attention to them. Most of the time, they are disregarded and left behind in favour of pastries and cakes. Only the most caring and nicest person will do it. Also, choosing bread as part of your sides reveals that you have conservative taste buds. 

Sweet Potato Casserole

A marshmallow-encrusted sweet potato dish is always a tempting addition to your Christmas turkey Singapore delivery list.If this is your comfort food, you are full of fun and super sweet. You’re the life of the party and a kid at heart. Deep down inside, you’re a total softie and shed tears over some silly old stories you hear. You are also a nurturer who wants to take care of other people.


You’re the crowd pleaser and would be all over the room to attend to everyone. Sometimes, just to please others, you try so hard to become a jack-of-all-trades. You have a wonderful personality and do not want others to feel excluded.


Thanksgiving is all about eating good food, giving thanks for the blessings received, and sharing memorable moments with loved ones. Now that you know your true food personality, the next time you see what others are putting on their plates, you know exactly how to deal with them.

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